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Welcome to the Ruppe Family Genealogy Project! is a new genealogy site dedicated August 26th, 2015 to the Ruppe family descendants, ancestors and other related families. Check back periodically, we're populating the family tree as fast as possible. The site is administered by Lisa Ruppe, Brian W. Umberson and Gary Sande - grandchildren of Cecil and Vera Ruppe, from the Wynnewood, OK area. This leg of the Ruppes are now in Southern California, but our intent is to build a comprehensive, complete chronology of the Ruppe and related families worldwide!

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This family tree was last updated on June 22, 2022. There are 159 surnames in this family tree. The earliest recorded event is the marriage of Anderson “Brian” Morris + Private in 23. The most recent event is the marriage of Private + Private in 2020.

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Interactive tree of Albert West
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Interactive tree of Albert West

Allen West 18941981
Cecil Clarence Ruppe 19152003
Vera Mae Palmertree 19192012
Jewel Marie Ruppe 19172001
Alfonso Pyle 19101993
Clota Virginia Ruppe 19192003
Russell Bob Pyle 19151996
Roscoe Ruppe 19221991
Vera Macalene Hollingsworth 19252002
Delbert Dale Ruppe 1926
Mary Etta West 18961936
Charles “Charlie” William Ruppe 18861963
Leonard Wayne West 19262010
Hazel Inez West 19302008
Wilma Wanda West 19271997
Albert Harley West 18971978
Sarena Floy Broughton 1901
Pearlie West 19001988
Albert West 18721900
Virginia Lucinda Nichols 18761959
Thomas J West 18381910
Jane Perkins
Isabelle Robinson 18451881
Mary “Molly” Baker 18651940
Amzie Robinson 18001862
Elzira Folsom 18241870
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